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Hawaiian Haze – CBD Flower

Harvest Year – 2022 11.28% CBD Top 3 Terps – Myrcene, Terpinolene, Guaiol Benefits – may reduce social anxiety and depression, may boost energy,

Terpene Chart

Terpene Chart: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever wondered what gives cannabis strains their unique aromas? Enter terpenes, the tiny, aromatic compounds that give your favorite CBD strain its

The Jaxon Blog

What’s the latest news for Jaxon? New products, news, promotions and offers! Elevate Your Business with Premium Wholesale Hemp from JAXON Elevate Your Business

Wholesale CBD Flower

Wholesale CBD Flower Elevate your business to new heights with JAXON’s robust Wholesale Program. Access an expansive range of hemp strains and hemp-derived products


2021 CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide

The 2021 CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide As the calendar rolls into 2021 and CBD flower becomes even more popular, many questions still remain and

2019 Hemp Flower Blowout SALE

At JAXON we specialize in bulk wholesale premium hemp flower. Right now, we have 2019 strains available in our Hemp Flower Blowout Sale for