Hawaiian Haze CBD Kief

Love Hawaiian Haze? We do too. Our Hawaiian Haze crop was so dense in trichomes that we couldn’t resist spinning out some delicious kief. Bursting with 22.7% cannabinoids, this potent concentrate will add flavor and potency to pre-rolls, coat moonrocks, or compliment a bowl. Use this kief to add sativa sweetness to an indica, or liven up older buds. Sprinkle it into your favorite recipes for a CBD kick. We think of our Hawaiian Haze kief as a way to add a burst of sunshine to your day. 

  • 18.46% CBD
  • Sativa dominant
  • Dominant Terpenes include Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Pinene
  • Benefits include uplifting, feeling energized and confident
  • 100% organic farming
  • Sun-Grown in Southern Oregon

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