2020 Greenhouse SpecDiesel Hemp Flower

Spec Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid like no other!  This illicit love child of Spec 7 and Abacus Diesel is a really great example of Hybrid Vigor Theory (the concept that ‘outbreeding’ promotes the best traits of each parent to be expressed).  This really comes out in the terpene profile, marrying the gassy Abacus Diesel with the cheesy Spec 7.  Although gas and cheese may not be the best combination in the culinary world, in the world of premium hemp, it is as subtle as a Mack truck!

While Spec Diesel and Mack trucks make one think of things that are masculine, the ladylike appearance of the bud displays the classic sativa traits of a spiral, arabesque structure and bright orange pistils on a backdrop of lime green (akin to a savage roller derby girl in a delicate evening gown, how fashionable!). What is possibly the most distinctive characteristic is the unbelievably powerful aroma, bringing out the classic diesel, gassy nose…you might think that you were working in a truck stop dispensing fuel…this nose, is all gas, all the time. Yes, the buds are beautiful and the nose is strong, but let’s talk about how Spec Diesel tastes.  There are layers of complexity present that with such a dominant nose, it seems almost contradictory.  One of the favorite flavors is Mezcal, with notes of cave-aged blue cheese, and a unique clove finish.  This uplifting bud provides both comfort and relief, as well as the impetus for a plain old fashioned good time! Like the driver of customized Mack truck at the truck stop, we say “Fill ‘er up!”

  • 16.60% CBDA 
  • Sativa Dominant
  • Dominant Terpenes include Myrcene, Limonene, Linalool
  • Benefits include pain reliever, stress relief and relaxation
  • Hand-trimmed flower

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