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2021 Skywalker OG CBD Flower

The force is strong with this one! Skywalker OG features dense,nubby, tapered blooms with a sticky inner core that smells immensely pungent when broken apart. Its dark green nugs, Chewbacca colored pistils, and a thick layer of trichomes that glisten all the way to Tatooine are some of the characteristics that separate this strain from others in the galaxy!

A potent kush-like strain with pine, petrichor, spice, chocolate, and umami aromas, this strain easily transports the user deep into Endor's cannapy. Featuring a tasty herbal flavor profile combined with sweet hops, baking cocoa, and a hint of almond, a pull of Skywalker OG will remind you that "the journey is often more powerful than the destination"! A hit from this strain treats the smoker to a smooth, billowy smoke with lingering almond and hop flavors.

Known for its euphoric and soothing effects, this Indica leaning strain will leave you feeling balanced, happy, relaxed, and carefree.....even if your X Wing is stuck in the Dagobah Swamp!

Let Skywalker OG help you discover the force…..of CBD!

  • Dominant terpenes include Pinene & Caryophyllene
  • Benefits include pain relief, restorative sleep, stress and anxiety relief, and relaxation
  • Contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC
  • Photographed on May 26th, 2022
  • Third-party tested by a certified lab
  • Sun-grown in southern Oregon without the use of synthetic pesticides

    If you are interested in ordering 10lbs or more, please call us at 541-414-2373

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