2021 - Sour Lifter - CBD Flower

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Harvest Year - 2021

Our NEW Sour Lifter is a twist in all the right directions. Featuring strong aromas of sweet and tart citrus with a hint of effervescent pine and high-octane diesel, this super tasty strain is sure to rev up your motor!  It boasts beautiful, dense, deep green buds, flecked with lime green hues, and audacious tangerine-colored pistils that hint at the citrus flavors that await. Sparkling trichomes cover every inch of this strain, a sure eye-catcher for even the most discerning flower connoisseur!  

Sour Lifter's undeniably pungent fragrance is characterized by a gassy, diesel, and citric taste, as well as a hint of blue cheese.  Its sour bouquet is followed by creamy and sweet citrus flavors, which are complemented by a silky diesel exhale that lingers in the mouth.

For those looking for a way to kick off the day with a positive mood, creative focus, and a pep in their step, this high-terpene flower is for you. 

Sour Lifter seeds were distributed to a limited number of farms, so get your smile on before it’s gone!

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