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Sample Pack – Indoor – CBD Flower



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Harvest Year 2022 Indoor CBD Flower Sample Pack 

Introducing JAXON’s latest addition to our CBD flower lineup – our Indoor CBD Flower Sample Pack! Get ready to experience the ultimate Indoor CBD flower experience with a curated selection of our high-quality indoor-grown strains. Our sample pack features 1/4 oz of each strain that has their own unique aromas and taste. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, creativity, focus, or pain relief, our indoor-grown CBD flower has you covered. Perfect for those who want to try a variety of strains or for those who are new to CBD flower, our Indoor Sample Pack is the perfect way to explore and discover the benefits of our premium CBD flower.

Strains In the Indoor CBD Flower Sample Pack

Sour Brûlée

Introducing JAXON’s latest addition- Indoor Sour Brûlée CBD flower! This hybrid boasts a unique flavor and effect profile that’s sure to satisfy your inner Cannasseur. Featuring dense, light green nugs with orange pistils and an impressive trichome deposit, this strain is sour, funky, and citrusy with a hint of sweetness. The balanced hybrid offers waves of euphoria that relax the body and stimulate the mind without being sedating.

Space Invader

Get ready to launch into orbit and elevate your relaxation experience with Space Invader! This indoor-grown strain boasts a strong Indica influence and incredible flavor, effects, and aroma. Perfect for late-night hangouts or laid-back vibes, the light green, super frosty buds emit sour gas with hints of pine, lime, and citrus. Upon smoking, it delivers a surprisingly floral taste followed by earthy undertones and hints of hops and clove accents. This strain also offers impressive therapeutic benefits that help with pain and depression.

Citrus Berri

Indoor-grown Citrus Berri CBD flower is the perfect ray of sunshine in your daily routine! With bright green frosty buds emitting an aroma of fuel, citrus, berries and pine, smoking this tantalizing bud will provide a smooth smoke accompanied by pine notes. Perfect for winding down after a long day, Citrus Berri CBD flower provides a mellow and stimulating experience while reducing stress and elevating your mood.

Lingon Berri

Indoor-grown Lingon Berri CBD flower is the perfect way to get your chill on! Its green nugs are surrounded by orange pistils and trichomes, delivering a potent cannabinoid and terpene profile. The aroma is sweet and herbaceous, with woody undertones that open upon grinding, revealing berry and grape notes rounded out by nuttiness and funky cheese. The smooth smoke delivers pepper and sweet berry flavors. This strain brings physical relaxation and mental calmness while reducing pain without sedation.


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Sour Brûlée

Space Invader

Citrus Berri

Lingon Berri

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