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Harvest Year - 2022

Decisions can be hard, especially when you want to try everything! We get it and we got you! JAXON's Greenhouse Sampler Pack is the perfect answer for indecisive CBD enthusiasts. The four-pack offers a 1/8oz taste of JAXON's most popular greenhouse strains, each with its own unique flavor profile and effect. Whether you're looking for a mellow indica or upbeat sativa, this sampler pack has you covered! 

Strains In the Greenhouse CBD Flower Sample Pack

Sour Candy Kush 

Sour Candy Kush CBD is a greenhouse-grown Sativa-dominant strain known for its vibrant green nugs, sweet and gassy aroma. This cultivar is characterized by dense, resinous blooms that are covered with a thick blanket of sticky trichomes, short orange hairs and light green hues. With notes of sweet tropical fruit and earthy diesel, this beauty will leave you drooling for more! Upon inhalation, your taste buds will be flooded with citrus and kushy gas, as well as pine-flavored smoke. With its high terpene content, this flower may be able to lift your spirits, increase creativity, and decrease social anxiety!

Cloud 9

We’re so excited to announce the addition of Cloud 9 greenhouse-grown CBD flower to our menu! With beautiful, resinous buds and a delightful aroma, this strain will make you look forward to those cloudy days. Just ask CBD enthusiast and YouTube reviewer Cloud Chaser, who had the opportunity to evaluate some of our 2022 flower and found Cloud 9 to be one of his favorite strains yet!

Sour Special Sauce 

Sour Special Sauce CBD is a greenhouse-grown Indica-dominant strain known for its dense nugs and pungent gassy aroma. This greenhouse cultivar is characterized by resinous blooms that are sugared with trichomes, long amber pistils, and sticky sage green nugs. With a pungent aroma of spice, sour citrus, earth, and diesel, it has a smooth and expansive smoke with citrus and diesel flavors. If you’re looking to relax at the end of the day or calm your mind, Sour Special Sauce will surely do the trick!

Sour Lifter 

This 2022 Greenhouse Sour Lifter screams with gas and funk! Like an ornery genie in a bottle, her pungent scent is impossible to contain. The nugs from this small batch strain are incredibly resinous, aromatic, and have been meticulously cultivated, cured, and manicured by hand. The presence of 20.5% phyto-cannabinoids in combination with a diverse terpene profile and flavonoids gives users a powerful entourage effect. Are you ready to get lifted!?!