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Tang Tang – Reggies – CBD Flower

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Harvest Year – 2022 Tang Tang CBD Reggies

  • Limited quantities
  • Photographed on November 22nd, 2023

Meet JAXON’s 2022 Tang Tang Reggies: a testament to the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Sure, they won’t be gracing the cover of “Nug Vogue” anytime soon, with their quirky structure and the occasional stick poking out, but these nugs are like that one friend who’s always the life of the party despite their mismatched socks.
But where these Reggies truly shine is in their aroma and flavor profile. Imagine a medley of banana, juicy fruit, pine, and a floral finish– a scent so enticing it practically winks at you. While Tang Tang might lack runway-ready looks, these nugs are quite resinous and bursting with personality and charm.
Ideal for those seeking an affordable and intriguing experience, these Reggies are perfect for rolling into joints, loading into bongs, or even creating your own CBD-infused edibles and topicals.
To showcase our commitment to transparency and value, we’ve included photos in our gallery of some less-than-perfect buds you might encounter in this batch. Remember, their unique charm is reflected in the price – just $59 a pound. But hurry, as these budget nugs are available in limited quantities.
Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Embrace these nugs for their quirky imperfections and let them bring a relaxed, cheerful vibe into your life, and see if they don’t leave you grinning wider than a crescent moon!
Reggies are priced according to their quality and are not eligible for returns. The nugs in this lot are army green in color and lightly trimmed. They may contain stems, duff, and seeds, and because Reggies are not classified according to size, the buds range in size from big buds to small buds.

2 reviews for Tang Tang – Reggies – CBD Flower

  1. Matthew

    #tangtang @jaxonwellness highly recommend !!! I suffer from a blown act injury and until I found Jaxon I was overpaying and subsequently just purchasing regular thc weed from dispensary going to work high waking up getting high ever since I hooked up with this company i can 100% say I wake up start my day with a clear head feeling amazing physically and sober mentally and at the end of the day I mix in with some fine za za from a local dispensary and finish off my night with a 50/50 cbd thc j stretching my money increasing my cbd intake and overall lowering my inflammatory response to my day
    The flavor profile is truffle like earthy with a hint of orange citrus and notes of lavender
    For the price and over all cbd / full cannabinoid profile you really won’t any better for your money trust me I tried lol again Jaxon is highly recommend
    Next I’m planning on trying the blueM I really liked the free samples they sent me with my order

  2. Tremain

    Great item for health purposes and rest…best used after a long days work

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Tang Tang – Reggies – CBD Flower