How Can CBD Elevate Your Yoga Practice?

Yoga lovers, listen up! A CBD-infused yoga session might be just what you're looking for. Yoga may already be an integral part of your daily routine, but did you know that CBD may offer some additional advantages?  Whether you use CBD daily or you've never tried it, next time you are heading to your yoga mat, consider bringing some CBD.

First Off, Why Has Yoga Gained So Much Popularity?

Each day, we're all plagued by an unwelcome buzz of stress and anxiety. Who could blame us? Even watching one segment of the evening news can make your blood pressure skyrocket.  And let's not forget the stresses of our day-to-day lives. Every one of us is busy working toward career goals, fostering relationships, handling finances, and if we're lucky, finding time to do the things we enjoy. This perpetual state of being busy is a curse that robs us of the joy of living in the moment and contrary to popular belief, diminishes our productivity.

In today's stressed-out world, more and more people are turning to yoga to calm their minds, relax their bodies, and connect with themselves for greater health and wellness.

But yoga isn't the only player in town.  

Would you be surprised if we told you that CBD and yoga are complementary in terms of their ability to improve emotional and physical health?

CBD, like yoga, improves the mind-body connection, and when combined, they produce a synergistic effect, further reducing stress, improving physical and emotional health, and helping practitioners achieve greater depth in their yoga practice.

Why CBD And Yoga?

Yoga and CBD go together like Wonder Woman and Super Man. They provide many of the same therapeutic benefits, such as managing pain and reducing anxiety and stress, but when they work in tandem, the benefits are exponential. 

Yoga is a practice that emphasizes mindfulness. Taking CBD before class can help quiet the millions of thoughts whirring through your mind, reducing stress, improving focus, and enabling you to achieve a yoga-ready state of mind.  For an extra calming, restorative yoga practice, we recommend taking one of our delicious CBD gummies, or a dropper of our CBD tincture, and giving your body 30 minutes to absorb it. 

In synergy with your practice, CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that relieves pain and relaxes your muscles, and helps you move into deeper stretches, improving your flexibility over time.  To help reduce muscle soreness and tension during your practice, CBD may be taken before you begin.  It can also be used post-workout to help soothe stressed out and sore muscles.

So, what do you get when you combine these ancient therapeutic techniques?  In our experience, you'll experience a deeper state of relaxation, increased flexibility and strength, better sleep, and reduced stress and anxiety, resulting in overall better health