What Are Hemp Smalls and What Are They Used For?

What’s the deal with hemp SMALLS?

Our hemp smalls have been all the rage these past few months. If you’re not ordering smalls, you're missing out! If you don't already know you may be asking; what are hemp smalls?

What are hemp smalls and what are they used for?

Hemp Smalls are called a few different things in the industry such as; hemp smalls, CBD smalls, small flower, small buds, small CBD buds, dime-sized buds, mini buds, mini nugs, popcorn and littles just to name a few. Smalls are produced a couple of ways:

  • Through the trimming process as a byproduct. During the trim process, colas are broken down to the optimal size according to the standards for "A" flower. When colas are broken down either by hand or via a mechanical trimmer, you get various bud sizes that are eventually graded into different sizes: smalls, mids, and bigs.

  • As a part of the actual hemp plant. Beyond trimming, small buds are also saved when the whole plant is harvested, and the lower branches with smaller flowers are bucked. Small buds fall through a ½ inch square screen, but stay above a ¼ inch screen.

  • JAXON Hemp Smalls

    Are hemp smalls the same quality as full-sized hemp flower?

    As far as quality goes, smalls are every bit as potent, frosty, and terpy as their "A" Flower counterparts. Small buds smoke and process just as well as big buds. Since smalls are considered a byproduct and are priced as such, you will find that they sometimes can be a little rougher than "A" flower. Processors and farms typically don’t take as much care with the smalls when the focus is in the larger buds. So, you might encounter a little more sticks, crow’s feet, and the occasional seed. Most of our smalls that we offer have fallen off premium colas in the mechanical trimming process, and thus are relatively clean and ready for consumption.

    What do you use hemp smalls for?

    Smalls can be used just the same as "A" Flower for smoking and processing. They are excellent ground up in pre-rolls, or used in extractions to make concentrates. You can pack them in a pipe and smoke them just the same as bigs. Smalls are also the featured buds that make up products like moonrocks.

    So what’s the deal with hemp smalls?

    The actual deal is that well.. they are a DEAL! Same flower, same terpenes, same effects, just smaller in size AND price! If you haven't yet, check out our assortment of hemp smalls HERE.

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