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Are you tired of feeling like a slave to your cigarette cravings? Well, put down that cancer stick, and listen up! We’ve got a secret weapon to help you out, and it’s not your typical quit-smoking patch or gum. Nope, we’re talking about the wonder plant known as hemp. Let us tell you; it’s a total game-changer! 

Cigarettes vs Hemp: 

First off, let’s talk moolah, baby. We all know how expensive it can be to fuel an addiction, but don’t worry, friend. You can still enjoy puffing on something without breaking the bank. Switching to hemp can save you some serious dough. Take our Reggies pound prices, for example. A pound of Reggies costs $69 and makes around 448 joints or 22 packs. That’s only $3.13 per pack compared to the outrageous prices of cigarettes, which range from $8.50 to $10.53 per pack. It’s like hitting the jackpot with (perhaps) less risk of lung disease! 

But it’s not all about the money, honey. Smoking anything can be harmful to your health, but hemp may provide significant health benefits by interacting with and boosting your body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Click here to learn more about your ECS and the benefits of using products that support it. 

CBD Pre-Rolls

Why Hemp Over Cigarettes? 

Is there a good reason to smoke cigarettes? We don’t think so. To begin with, nicotine is one of the most addictive substances, period. Also, cigarettes contain harmful chemicals such as tar, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. The addictive nature of tobacco cigarettes also encourages more frequent use, which brings on more issues for the user, such as, increased cost, smelling like smoke, aesthetic effects like ‘smokers lines’, isolation from non-smokers, yellow teeth, and higher risk of cancer.  

In contrast, hemp contains none of these toxic and gross components. Hemp is not addictive like nicotine. Additionally, hemp contains various terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids that work synergistically to reduce anxiety, depression, and inflammation and to provide a relaxing, comfortable, and functional experience. 

Oh, we know what you’re thinking. What about the elephant in the room – the stigma surrounding hemp. We get it; some people are hesitant to try it out due to the negative perception often associated with it. But we’ll let you in on a little secret – hemp is not the same as marijuana! It does not contain enough THC to produce intoxicating effects, so you can enjoy its benefits without getting high. And trust us; the benefits are endless. Hemp has been used for centuries as a healing substance and now is the time to embrace hemp’s natural healing abilities. 

What Are The Differences Between Cigarettes and Hemp?

Now let’s get down to business with a bit of comparison. Here are some key differences between cigarettes and hemp joints: 


An infographic about hemp vs cigarettes

Hemp Joints: 

And here’s a little fun fact – did you know hemp is environmentally friendly? It requires less water and pesticides than traditional crops and can be used to make sustainable products like clothing and building materials. Talk about a win-win! 

So, if you’re ready to kick your cigarette habit to the curb (or even if you want to mix things up), JAXON is here to help. We offer loose flowerstincturesedibles, and pre-rolls so you can find the right product for you. And don’t worry about the stigma – we’re here to set the record straight that hemp is NOT marijuana and won’t get you high. 

So there you have it, folks—the truth about hemp and why it’s the healthier and more affordable cigarette alternative. If you’re ready to try something new, you can say goodbye to cigarettes with hemp. 

Your lungs, wallet, and overall well-being will thank you for it!