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Wholesale CBD Flower

Elevate your business to new heights with JAXON’s robust Wholesale Program. Access an expansive range of hemp strains and hemp-derived products meticulously curated to diversify and enhance your product portfolio. Enjoy unbeatable pricing and expert support from a dedicated account manager who understands the industry and your business needs. We focus on partnerships, not just transactions, and are devoted to your growth and success. Enroll today to reach your business goals.

  • Wide Selection Of Products
  • Minimum Order Amount Is $500 Or 3 lbs
  • Unbeatable Prices 
  • Dedicated Account Rep
  • White Label And Drop Shipping
  • Same Day Shipping
  • Alt-Cannabinoid Infusions And Terpene And Kief Enhancements 
  • Join Our Wholesale Program In Under 5 Minutes

CBD Flower Wholesale

At JAXON, we’re fortunate to be rooted in Southern Oregon, a region that provides the perfect canvas for world-class CBD flower cultivation. The fertile, nutrient-dense volcanic soil, coupled with a climate marked by hot summers and cool, wet winters, creates an environment where hemp plants flourish. This natural advantage, combined with the wisdom and expertise of legacy growers who have honed their cultivation techniques over generations, results in CBD flower that stands out in quality and consistency.

Wholesale Oregon CBD Flower

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop there. Through our partnerships with over 200 farms across Southern Oregon, we can offer an extensive range of strains at various grades. Whether you’re seeking budget buds, sun-grown varieties, or exotic Zaza strains, we’ve got you covered. When you choose JAXON as your wholesale CBD flower provider, you’re investing not just in a product but a legacy of quality, diversity, and commitment to delivering the best that Southern Oregon has to offer.

Buy CBD Flower By The Pound

Joining the JAXON wholesale program is as easy as pie! Fill out our hassle-free wholesale application form, and you’ll hear from one of our awesome team members within 24 hours. Once onboarded, we’ll pair you with a dedicated account manager who will cater to your unique business needs. Our commitment to cultivating lasting relationships means we don’t just process orders; we invest in your success. Expect unparalleled customer service, comprehensive product education, and an unbeatable selection of products at the most competitive prices. JAXON – empowering your business growth!

More Than 250+ Active Clients

Over 175,000 Pounds Shipped

Best Prices On CBD Flower By The Pound

Whether buying 5 lbs., a box, or a case, we’re committed to providing our wholesale customers with superior Oregon-grown flower at unbeatable prices. With our tiered pricing, the more you buy, the more you save. Reach out to us for more details.

Why JAXON Wholesale?

Navigating the hemp wholesale market can be daunting. Frequently, businesses waste precious time reaching out to numerous farms to procure products, managing intricate logistics, guaranteeing third-party lab testing, and handling shipping.
Enter JAXON Wholesale – your comprehensive solution. Our broad network of over 200 farms in southern Oregon allows us to offer an unrivaled variety of options, ensuring a menu that surpasses all expectations. We take care of sourcing any product you need, managing all logistics, ensuring each product is tested at a certified third-party lab, and handling all paperwork. Plus, we offer drop-ship and white-label services for added convenience.
When partnering with JAXON Wholesale, you gain more than just a supplier; you gain a team focused on helping your business thrive. With same-day shipping, a dedicated account representative, and weekly specials, we streamline your supply chain so you can concentrate on expanding your business. Experience the JAXON difference today!

Connect With Our Sales Team On Telegram

Our Telegram channel allows you to speak directly to our sales representatives. Following this channel is the easiest way to view pricing and shop current wholesale CBD flower strains. Telegram is our live catalog and is updated daily to reflect our current inventory. See something you like? Send a direct message to begin placing an order. Join and become a wholesale customer today! 

Bulk CBD Flower Options

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Wholesale Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

JAXON fulfills the order once it is received from the sales team. We work hard to make sure that orders are shipped quickly and accurately. We work with the best logistics partners to ensure that orders are delivered on time and in the condition that our customers expect. We can ship your order overnight or ground shipping depending on how fast you want your order. Shipping is an additional cost due to the massive discount of current order. If you have any questions regarding shipping bulk CBD flower please give us a call 541.414.2373.

We work with reliable carriers, such as UPS, to ensure that orders are delivered on time and in pristine condition. We’re excited to let you know that we’re part of the UPS hemp-verified shipping program. This means that they know exactly what we’re shipping and have verified that our products are compliant with federal regulations. This drastically reduces the chances of any unnecessary delays or confiscations due to your order being mistaken for illegal product while in transit.

Depending on your order’s urgency, we can ship it ground or overnight. The cost of shipping is not included, but our massive discounts make this a relatively small expense for wholesale customers.

We take our compliance very seriously and only ship products that are within the bounds of federal regulations. We hope this puts your mind at ease, and thank you for considering JAXON.

If you have any questions regarding shipping bulk CBD flower please give us a call 541.414.2373.

The short answer is YES! It is legal to ship bulk hemp and CBD products. It is important to note that hemp laws vary from state to state, and customers may need a hemp license in order to resell our products. We always recommend checking with your local authorities before you order.  

Wholesale customers can also benefit from our drop shipping program. It’s the perfect solution for distributors, merchants, and entrepreneurs who want to start a new business or grow an existing one without worrying about stocking or shipping their products themselves. With our program, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of all the logistics for you. This saves you time and money and allows you to grow your business more quickly. We also ensure that there is no contact paperwork in the box that leads back to JAXON, so you can feel secure about your business’ privacy. Our drop shipping program is the perfect way to start or grow a business. 

Yes, JAXON offers high-quality white label products that are sure to become your next best sellers! As all our white label products are compliant with federal regulations, they can be shipped anywhere in the United States and contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. When it comes to international orders, we can ship products as long as they meet the regulations of the European Union. Please note that we do not offer graphic design services for custom labels, but if the graphics have already been created, we are happy to help apply them. There are many CBD products that can be white labeled, including edibles, topicals, and more. For a full list of products give us a call and we assist you! 

When buying in bulk, the larger the order is, the better price you will receive. Our sales team is more than happy to help you with pricing and provide you with an accurate quote depending on the quality and quantity of CBD flower you are looking for. Feel free to contact us and we will find you the best pricing and quality!  

Our products vary in price depending on the strain, but we offer some of the best CBD flower and hemp-derived products on the market at an affordable price. Our deep menu and optional enhancements set us apart from the competition. In our sprayed and cryo-infused flower program, we offer premium treatments of alternative cannabinoids and naturally-derived terpenes. We also offer specialty products such as indoor and greenhouse-grown flower, moon rocks, pre-rolls, carts, disposables, distillate and isolate and gummies. 


JAXON’s minimum order amount is $500 or 3 lbs of CBD flower. However, if you are interested in a lower quantity, just let us know. We are more than willing to work with you on all your CBD flower needs. If you have any questions about our minimum order requirements, please contact us! 

Yes, we offer our wholesale customers complimentary samples upon request, you’ll just need to pay for shipping! If you are interested in a sample, please contact us at 541.414.2373 or email us at and we will send you a free sample for you to try. JAXON appreciates your interest! 

Our shipping process is designed to ensure that your order arrives promptly and without incident. Products are shipped in vacuum sealed bags to minimize the risk of odors leaking out. Whenever you purchase products online, we understand how important it is to have discretion about the contents of the package and the return address should be “Customer Care.”  All orders are shipped in discreet boxes without any indication of their contents, and the return address is “Customer Care.” Each box contains a letter to law enforcement, Certificate of Analysis of the product along with our hemp handler’s license, so if any problems arise during transit, authorities will have easy access to all the documents they need to expedite their review. 

Most Popular Wholesale CBD flower

We invite you to explore our best-selling strains available for wholesale purchase. Our inventory encompasses a wide range of price points and quality levels, allowing retailers and distributors to find exactly what they need. With our extensive network of connections, we can procure almost any strain in existence, and our inventory is continuously expanding. Rest assured that we can cater to all your needs!

Other CBD Strains We Have In Stock Or Can Source Quickly

Enhance your wholesale purchase with our premium add-ons, offering alt-cannabinoid infusions and terpene and kief enhancements across all our products for an elevated sensory and therapeutic experience.

AC Diesel
Acid Rock
Berry Blossom
Berry Exotic
Blue Dream
Boax Bubblegum
Casino Cookies
Zittles Strain
XJ 13 Strain
Sweet Pure
T1 Trump
The Wife
Therapy Strain
Watermelon Haze
Sour Special Sauce
Super Sour Space Candy
Sour Lifter
Citron CBD
Space Invader
Papaya Nights
Apple Pie
Super Suver Haze
Cherry Mom
Tigers Blood Strain
Superglue Strain
Royal Highness
Sapphire CBD
Shark Shock
Sour Cheese
Sour J
Sour Space Candy
Sour Tsunami
Sunset Road Sherbet
Super Lemon Haze
Suver Haze
Special Sauce
Sweet CBD
Fire OG Strain
Agent Orange Strain
Healthy Heart
Honolulu Haze
Lemon Drop
Magic Bullet
OG Kush
Oregon OG
Otto 2
Pink Panther
Purple Boax
King Louis XIII Strain
Animal Cookies Strain


Charlotte’s Cherries
Charlotte’s Web
Cherry 5
Cherry Cherry
Cherry Sweet
Cherry Wine
Critical Mass
Frosted Lime
God strain
Green Gum
Hawaiian Haze
Sundae Driver Strain
Zombie Kush


Buy Bulk CBD/Hemp from Southern Oregon

At JAXON we provide our wholesale customers with the highest quality smokable CBD hemp flower, edibles, topicals, biomass, and other hemp-derived products available anywhere in the world. As a trusted partner committed to your business success, JAXON is your one-stop-shop for all your CBD/Hemp needs.


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