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Discover the perfect uplifting and energetic strain in our extensive video library featuring JAXON CBD flower. Ideal for daytime usage, Sativa strains are renowned for their invigorating effects. Check out our video library to find the perfect Sativa! Our goal is to educate you, whether you are new to CBD or experienced and are looking for a strain that fits your criteria. 

Unlike India CBD strains, which are known for their calming and relaxing effects, Sativa CBD strains offer a contrasting experience. Sativa CBD strains are favored for their uplifting and energizing effects, making them an excellent choice for daytime use and promoting focus and creativity. These strains are associated with a clear-headed and invigorating experience, providing a boost of mental clarity and overall well-being. 

Sativa CBD plants also have distinct physical characteristics, typically being taller with narrower leaves compared to the shorter and bushier indicia CBD plants. It’s important to note that individual experiences may vary, and hybrid CBD strains that combine India and sativa characteristics have gained popularity for their balanced effects and versatility in addressing different needs.

Each of the videos in the following collection outlines everything you need to know about the featured strain to provide our customers with all of the information to create an educated choice to try it. This includes the best time of day to use the strain, the potential benefits, side effects, terpene profile, visual characteristics and best practices on how to enjoy CBD flower!

2022 Uplifting Sativa CBD Flower Strains

Sour Space Candy

Hawaiian Haze

Pink Panther

Sour Candy Kush

Sour Hawaiian Haze GH

Sour Goo GH

White CBG

Cloud 9

Sour Elektra

Sour Lifter

Suver Haze

2021 Energizing Sativa CBD Flower Strains


Hawaiian Haze

Space Candy