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When Will My Order Ship?

We need 2 full business days to process any order received, Monday through Friday. Average delivery time is 3 to 5 business days from the shipping date. We ask that you allow a minimum of 7 business days before contacting us with any questions. If your package does not arrive within 10 business days (two weeks) please contact our customer service department. Please note that during COVID 19, carriers are NOT guaranteeing shipping times, thus expedited shipping times are not guaranteed and will not be refunded if a package is late.

We strive to ship orders as quickly as possible and we are unable to guarantee that any order will be able to be changed or cancelled once the order has been placed. All shipping errors on orders must be called in within 48 hours of delivery. If you do not report errors within the 48 hours we will not be responsible for shipping errors. Customer must have invoice available for verification when contacting customer service regarding errors in their orders.

What Is JAXON’s Shipping Policy?

We take pride in offering high-quality products that promote wellness and want every aspect of your experience with us to be exceptional, which is why we want to keep you in the loop with our shipping practices and policies.

Our processing time for orders received Monday through Friday is two business days, but we strive to process and ship orders the same day they are received. Please note that orders placed over the weekend or on holiday will be processed the following business day.

Once you’ve successfully placed your order and we’ve received your payment, our customer service team will send you an email to confirm your order details. We’ll send you another email with the tracking details when your order ships. Please check your spam folder if you don’t see the tracking email in your inbox.

We understand that mistakes happen, but unfortunately, once your order has been processed, we may be unable to make any changes. We highly recommend double-checking your order details before submitting. If you need to make any changes, please reach out to our customer service team immediately. Although we are committed to resolving any issues that may arise, we cannot be held responsible for order errors not reported before shipping, such as an incorrect address.

We ship primarily through USPS and UPS, with our free ground shipping option available on orders over $50. However, faster shipping methods are also available for purchase. Additionally, orders shipped via UPS require an adult signature at the time of delivery.

The average delivery time is 3 to 5 business days from the shipping date. Still, we ask that you allow a minimum of 7 business days before contacting us with any questions.

For tracking updates, always refer to the UPS or USPS websites. If you purchase Route shipping insurance, you will receive real-time tracking information via email and text if you have the app.

Please note that expedited shipping may take longer than expected due to carrier delays caused by the pandemic. Refunds will not be issued for late deliveries caused by carrier issues. We appreciate your understanding in this matter, as we are at the mercy of the carriers to get your package to you as quickly as possible.

Orders to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico may take longer, so keep that in mind.

At JAXON Wellness, we want to ensure your shopping and shipping experience is always exceptional. We encourage you to contact our customer service team at 541.414.2373 or email us at if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for choosing JAXON Wellness, and we hope you enjoy our products!

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order?

Our standard processing time for orders received during weekdays (Monday to Friday) is two business days. However, we always endeavor to process and ship orders on the same day they are received. Please note that orders placed over the weekend or on holidays will be processed on the following business day. On average, delivery takes between 3 to 5 business days from the shipping date. Our blog provides more detailed information about our shipping practices.

Is Hemp Legal In My State?

Understanding the legal status of hemp and CBD products can prove to be a complex topic, especially as each state may have its own unique laws regarding the cultivation, sale, and possession of these products. However, it is crucial to note that the 2018 Farm Bill has legalized industrial hemp at the federal level, thereby removing it from the list of controlled substances. We recommend checking out Vote Hemp for state-specific guidelines and regulations.

At JAXON Wellness, we strongly urge everyone to educate themselves about the laws in their respective states to ensure a safe and legal purchase of hemp and CBD products.

Do I Need To Be Home To Receive My Order?

When your order is shipped through USPS, it can be left in your mailbox or doorstep without requiring a signature. However, it’s a bit different for orders delivered by UPS due to our involvement in the UPS Raw Hemp Pilot Program. This program mandates that an adult must be present to sign and accept the delivery. It’s a policy set by UPS to ensure the proper handling and receipt of raw hemp products.

How Can I Return A Product If I’m Not Satisfied? 

We understand that every purchase is a commitment, and we appreciate your trust in us. Due to the unique nature of our products, we cannot accept returns or offer refunds. However, we are committed to your satisfaction. If there happens to be an error with your order, or if you can demonstrate that a product is defective, we will evaluate potential returns on a case-by-case basis.

To begin this process, please email with a detailed explanation of the problem and relevant images. Please note shipping costs are non-refundable under any circumstances. We value your understanding and cooperation and look forward to providing you with the highest-quality hemp products.

Will Smoking Hemp/CBD Flower Make Me High?

Industrial Hemp is defined as having a total concentration of less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. Most people do not experience a “high” from this concentration, though many report feeling a “head change.” Our advice for first time use is to take it slow and feel the effects for yourself in a safe place.

Can I Pass A Drug Test After Using JAXON Products?

Most drug test panels, including those used for federally regulated tests, are mainly looking for THC—the component in marijuana that gets you high—not CBD. But, it’s important to remember that full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products may contain trace amounts of THC, potentially leading to a positive result on a drug test.

A more reliable choice could be CBD isolate, a product refined to leave only CBD, effectively removing all other cannabinoids, including THC. This could offer more peace of mind for those aiming to ensure clean drug test results. Please remember that this information isn’t meant to serve as, nor should it be viewed as, legal advice or guidance.

What Is The Difference Between Hemp And Marijuana?

At JAXON Wellness, we understand that the distinction between hemp and marijuana can be confusing, so let us break it down for you. While both plants belong to the Cannabis family, they have unique properties and uses. Hemp, for example, contains a higher concentration of CBD, a non-psychoactive compound known for its numerous health benefits. In contrast, marijuana’s dominant cannabinoid is THC, which can cause psychoactive effects. Additionally, hemp is legally defined as having a THC concentration of less than 0.3%, while marijuana can have THC levels above 30%! Overall, while both hemp and marijuana share similarities, it is their differing chemical compositions and intended uses that set them apart.

What Is A COA And Why Do The Products Have Them?

COA stands for Certificate of Analysis. COAs are tests generated at certified labs and can be performed on any product. Our COAs measure for potency, cannabinoid content, moisture content, and contaminants. COAs are also instrumental in showing that product falls within the legal threshold of being federally legal industrial hemp.

Why Should You Choose JAXON?

JAXON sources the best flower on the market for the best price. We have one of the largest menus and work with over 150 farms. Our product is tested and safe for consumption.

What Does CBD Stand For?

CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, a natural compound found in hemp. Unlike THC, CBD is non-intoxicating. Instead, research suggests it could reduce anxiety, relieve pain, improve sleep, and more.

What Is The Difference Between CBD And CBG?

CBD and CBG are two entirely different cannabinoids. CBD stands for cannabidol, while CBG stands for cannabigeriol. CBG is considered to be the mother of all cannabinoids, because it is the precurser to all. All cannabinoids start as CBG, and as the plant matures, CBG gives way to other cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, CBV, THC, etc. The CBG we are selling has been bred through generations to mature as CBG. You can read more about the difference between CBD and CBG here.

What Are Hemp/CBD Reggies?

At JAXON, we define “Reggies” as our value flower, typically sourced from the previous year’s harvest. The term Reggies does not refer to any particular strain but rather the quality of the flower. Despite our efforts to properly store our product, it’s natural for it to degrade over time, resulting in a loss of color and aroma. When this occurs, we reclassify the product as a “Reggies.” 

Our Reggie’s Product Line allows us to offer all of the benefits of CBD without breaking the bank.

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying CBD Products?

When shopping for CBD products, checking if the product has a Certificate of Analysis (COA) available is crucial. The COA provides detailed information about cannabinoid concentrations and confirms that the product contains less than 0.03% THC, making it compliant with federal regulations. Also, if you’re looking for specific flavors or effects, please take note of the terpene profile. Terpenes significantly contribute to hemp products’ taste, aroma, and effects. Explore our informative blog post, Terpene Chart: The Ultimate Guide, for a deeper understanding of terpenes.

Do I Need A Medical Card To Buy Your CBD Products?

Great question! The Farm Bill Act of 2018 has reclassified hemp, removing it from the list of controlled substances. This means a medical card is unnecessary for purchasing hemp-based products like ours. However, we recommend staying informed about your local regulations as they vary by state.

How Do I Store CBD Flower?

Great question! To maintain the freshness and quality of your CBD flower, it’s important to store it properly. Use containers such as glass jars with airtight lids to limit exposure to air and moisture, and find a cool, temperature-stable location away from light to store it. 

And here’s a pro tip: consider using a Boveda pack or a similar product to optimize moisture levels and extend its freshness. Check out our blog post for more information on storing CBD flower at home.

What Payment Methods Do We Accept?

JAXON accepts all major credit cards. Call us for alternative methods to credit cards at (541) 414-2373

Is The Packaging Discreet?

Packaging is discreet. We mail in plain brown cardboard boxes and take special care to mitigate the delicious terpy smells from the flower. The return address name is “Customer Care.” We also include all of the legal paperwork and testing in every box.

Is Delivery Discreet?

Absolutely! We take your privacy seriously. Our packaging process is designed to ensure your products reach you promptly and without drawing unnecessary attention. You won’t see any branding or logos on our shipments.

To prevent potential fragrance leaks, we vacuum seal all products with a distinctive aroma and tape all seams.

We also include our hemp handler’s license and a letter to law enforcement in case of hiccups during transit. This gives authorities immediate access to all necessary documents, speeding up their review process and minimizing any potential delay to your order.

Are Your Products Available In Bulk For Wholesale Purchase?

At JAXON, we offer our wholesale customers a wide range of high-quality products, and competitive pricing, along with excellent customer service and product education. Our extensive selection includes premium and budget CBD products, including smokable hemp flower, edibles, topicals, biomass, and other hemp-derived products.

We consider ourselves more than just your wholesale supplier – we’re your trusted partner, dedicated to supporting your business success. With JAXON, you have a one-stop solution for all your CBD/Hemp needs.

To learn more about our wholesale program, please contact our dedicated Wholesale Team at 1-800-987-3345 or email us at

Additionally, you can stay informed with real-time updates on wholesale inventory and pricing through our Telegram channel. We look forward to serving you!