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As we prepare to fire up the BBQ and gaze at the starry spectacle of fireworks this Fourth of July, let’s rewind the clock and shed light on an unlikely protagonist of our nation’s history – hemp. Yes, folks, hemp is as American as apple pie!

The Founding Fathers’ Green Thumbs

Our yarn begins with no less than the Founding Fathers themselves. You may know George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as the architects of American democracy, but did you know they were also avid hemp farmers? So, while they were shaping our nation’s future, they were also sowing the seeds of America’s hemp industry.

A man on a horse in the middle of a hemp field

Stars, Stripes, And Hemp

Did you know that the OG American flag was designed by none other than Betsy Ross herself? And get this; it was made from hemp fiber! How groovy is that? So, next time you lay your peepers on Old Glory, take a hot sec to appreciate its far-out history and the righteous effort it took to bring it to life.

Declaration of Independence and the Hemp Connection

Our founding fathers were totally woke AF! They were the OGs of sustainability, using hemp paper to draft the Declaration of Independence. How dope is that? And it just goes to show how intertwined hemp has been with our country since the very beginning. Pretty rad, right?

People holding the american flag

Hemp For Victory: A World War II Story

During World War II, the government promoted the cultivation of hemp through their “Hemp for Victory” campaign and basically begged farmers to grow hemp to produce naval towlines, webbing for parachutes, canvas, thread for shoes, and more! Hemp provided some seriously important resources to the military. How wild is that?

A grown hemp for the war poster

Lighting Up Hemp: A Patriotic Exercise of Freedom

Fast forward to today, and hemp is making a star-spangled comeback. It has evolved into a wellness superstar, and it’s not just about the relaxing sensation or the myriad health benefits that come with it. Smoking hemp is a salute to our cherished freedoms – an act as patriotic as belting out the Star-Spangled Banner Fourth of July: High on History. Today, as we legally enjoy the liberty to smoke hemp in many states, we’re not just exercising our freedoms. We’re honoring a tradition that’s deeply woven into the fabric of our nation’s history. So, the next time you light up, remember: you’re partaking in a truly patriotic pastime.

So, as we celebrate Independence Day, let’s raise a bong to hemp – a plant that’s been with us since our nation’s birth and continues to shape our future.

Cheers to hemp – an unsung hero of American history and a shining star this Fourth of July: High on History!

A man smoking JAXON CBD flower from a pipe

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