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Energy – Effects Terpene Blend – By True Terpenes


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Kickstart your vibe and zoom through your day with JAXON’s Energy Effects Terpene Blend by True Terpenes. This 2 ml blend isn’t just any add-on to your smokable CBD flower—it’s a turbocharge for your soul and a nitro boost for your mind. With a sharp, pine-scented base from alpha- and beta-pinene and a citrusy punch of Limonene, it’s designed to elevate your energy levels and sharpen your focus, making it perfect for those moments when you need an extra push to tackle your to-do list or want to add a zestful kick to your day.

Imagine transforming your routine into an epic adventure or turning a mundane task into a quest for greatness. That’s the power packed in every drop of our Energy Effects Terpene Blend. Crafted for the go-getters, the dreamers, and the doers, it’s like a high-five for your body and mind!

Primary Terpenes: Alpha-Pinene and Beta-Pinene team up for an electrifying pine aroma, while Limonene adds a squeeze of refreshing citrus.

Flavor Profile: Consider it your favorite citrusy pine forest adventure, bottled up and ready to amplify your CBD flower.

Effects: Gear up for an energy surge, razor-sharp focus, and an uplifted mood that makes even the biggest challenges seem like child’s play.

Quality And Expertise: Formulated with 100% all-natural, botanical terpenes under the guidance of Dr. Ethan Russo, ensuring a blend that not only enhances your experience but does so with the highest standards of purity and safety.

Rev up your smoke sesh with the Energy Effects Terpene Blend and catapult it to exhilarating new heights! This blend goes way beyond just enhancing flavor and aroma; it’s about infusing your daily grind with an extra kick of energy and crystal-clear focus. Let this blend be your go-to for transforming mundane moments into a more dynamic and lively adventure! Get ready to add some zest to your step and a whole lot of fun to your smoke sesh!

Primary Terpenes In Energy Effects Terpene Blend

Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Pinene And Limonene

Aroma & Flavor Profile

Lemon And Conifer

Effects Of Energy Effects Terpene Blend By True Terpenes

Energizing And Uplifting

Storage And Application Of Energy Effects Terpene Blend


Store this product in its original container and securely fasten the lid. Keep it away from heat, open flames, sunlight, combustible materials, and hot surfaces. Maintain its quality by storing it in a cool, dry place to prevent terpene degradation.


While there a various application options available, we recommend using the cotton ball method. To learn more about this application process, check out our how to terpene infuse your own flower blog.


Energy Effects Terpene Blend is manufactured in GMP-certified facilities using food-grade ingredients; this product exceeds the most rigorous consumer safety standards. True Terpenes, triple-distilled, are the cleanest terpenes in the world. Their website provides detailed information about True Terpenes’ manufacturing practices and certifications.


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It is crucial to avoid contact with skin, eyes, wood surfaces, fabrics, children, and pets. If you experience any adverse reactions, please stop using it immediately.

Please note that this product is not suitable for use in e-cigarettes, tobacco, or nicotine-containing products.

People who are pregnant, nursing, or have severe health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes should not use this product.

True Terpenes, the manufacturer, does not assume responsibility for any loss, injury, damage, or expense because of improper use. The company has not tested this product for e-cigarette or vaping applications. Heating this product may result in the formation of harmful compounds.

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