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What are the best CBD concentrates?

In an industry booming with all kinds of CBD concentrates from broad-spectrum CBD oils to gummy bears that pack a major punch. The question still remains what goes into the making of all these amazing treats? It all boils down to concentrated CBD. Let’s dive in.

What are CBD concentrates?

It’s really fairly simple; a CBD concentrate is CBD that is extracted from a plant and processed into one of the following things:

What can CBD concentrates be found in?

Though there are technically and endless list of uses for CBD concentrates, we’ll just share with you the most common (and available) products CBD concentrates can be found in:

JAXON CBD Muscle Rub

How do I know the best way to consume CBD concentrates?

This is a question that we can’t necessarily answer directly for you, since everybody is different. We’ll share with you the ways you can access the benefits of CBD concentrates:

Sublingual – Pure CBD isolate or CBD oils such as this one from JAXON can be taken by putting it underneath your tongue. This method delivers CBD directly to your bloodstream without needing to pass through the liver and digestive system to begin working.

Topical Oils – CBD isolate can be added and mixed in all sorts of products and oils to become available as a topical oil. Some great examples of this are JAXON’s CBD Muscle Rub, CBD Lip Balm and CBD Moisturizer.

Inhalation – CBD isolate can be combined with terpenes to create a CBD concentrate that can be vaped or dabbed.

Ingestion – CBD isolate is commonly used to create things like pills, gummies and edibles. Most of these products can be purchased online or at your local dispensary


JAXON is a premium hemp and CBD product brand located in Southern Oregon, the hemp capital of the world. JAXON sells hemp flower and CBD products both on our website and wholesale to bulk buyers, distributors, dispensaries and stores.

To contact JAXON about wholesale pricing please call us at 541-414-2373.

In no way should these statements be taken as medical advice. They are intended to entertain and inform. Personal health matters should always be discussed with a medical professional.

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