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Why Does Oregon Grow The Best Hemp?

Oregon was one of the first states to authorize the cultivation of hemp in 2009. This doesn’t hurt Oregon’s case for being the state that grows the best hemp but there are other significant and historical reasons. In short, the fact that Oregon grows the best hemp comes down to three things from a high level; climate, culture and experience.

Is Oregon The Best Climate For Growing Hemp?

We’ll put it to you this way. There is a town close to our headquarters that has a sign hanging over one of the main streets downtown that reads, “It’s The Climate”. Interpret that as you may, but one thing is for certain. The climate Pacific Northwest is absolutely perfect for cultivating hemp and cannabis. Let’s get scientific:

Southern Oregon Hemp Farm

The ideal climate for hemp to grow in calls for temperatures that hover in between 60 and 80 degrees fahrenheit. Ideally, hemp plants shouldn’t have to endure temps that get really hot (consistently in the 90’s and 100’s) and/or temps that get too cold (below freezing). Furthermore, hemp does the best when grown on fertile loams, in soil that is rich with organic matter, nutrient rich AND with a pH level that ranges from 6.0 to 7.5. Most of Western Oregon fits the bill. In other words when talking about the perfect hemp-cultivation climate. Both temperature and soil-wise, Oregon has the game on lockdown. Location, location, location.

The Emerald Triangle

Remember earlier when we mentioned culture? Oregon is located in a beautiful area known as the Emerald Triangle. The Emerald Triangle is located in-between Southwestern Oregon and Northern California. Though this is most-importantly a location and climate factor, there is a long history of cannabis culture in the Emerald Triangle.

Since the 1960’s, growers have cultivated cannabis and it’s safe to say that for some, it’s been a way of life, even before medical cannabis became legal. With no contest, the Emerald Triangle remains the region that produces more cannabis (and hemp) than any other region in the entire United States. This is where the conversation of culture comes full-circle.

JAXON Hemp Co is located in the Emerald Triangle

In Southern Oregon, where JAXON HQ is located, there is a long-standing culture and network of both cannabis and hemp farms giving our region a huge “experience and expertise” advantage over any other region.

Are People In Oregon The Best Hemp Flower Cultivators?

Experience is the best teacher. Oregon is home to some of the most established and well-funded cannabis labs in the world. As far as legal CBD labs go, Oregon has been in the game the longest; since 2015. Combining the Southern Oregon climate and the culture with years and years of legalization adds up to farming experience that is much further along than any other region.

Oregon’s hemp and cannabis genetics are also way ahead of other parts of the country. Hemp flower genetics in Oregon are widely considered very stable and reliable, which is backed by years of research, testing and experience. In fact, Oregon’s outdoor-grown flower rivals most other’s indoor flower, and in more ways than one, too.

To start, the cost to cultivate outdoor (sun-grown) flower is much lower than indoor flower. Just the power bill alone to run an indoor grow is a major difference. Then once you mix in the nutrients you have to buy. The cost of your initial investment in equipment, climate control and infrastructure, you’re well on your way to a very expensive endeavor. Since Oregon has all the things we mentioned before such as the climate, perfect soil and the experience, Oregonians are able to grow indoor-quality flower, outside.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself and pick up some premium JAXON Southern Oregon hemp flower from our online store!

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JAXON is a premium hemp and CBD product brand located in Southern Oregon, the hemp capital of the world. JAXON sells hemp and CBD products both on our website and wholesale to bulk buyers, distributors, dispensaries and stores. To contact JAXON about wholesale pricing please call us at 541-414-2373.

In no way should these statements be taken as medical advice. They are intended to entertain and inform. Personal health matters should always be discussed with a medical professional.

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