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What’s good, leaf lovers and beat buffs? As we coast towards the dopest day of the year, it’s time to elevate the vibrations with JAXON’s 420 playlist. After all, we’re not just talking about any old day; it’s 4/20—a day when the air is thick with the essence of freedom, unity, and Mother Nature’s dankest herbs. But what’s a celebration without some killer tunes to elevate the vibe? That’s why we’ve curated the ultimate “420 Playlist” to fuel your jam session with the best beats from across the musical universe.

This playlist isn’t your run-of-the-mill mix—it’s your passport to grooving alongside our Oregon-grown CBD flower, making sure the vibes are nothing short of legendary! 

But before we dive into the tunes, let’s take a quick moment to honor 4/20’s rich history. 

Dive into the History of 4/20

The term “4/20” has been a cornerstone of cannabis culture since its roots in the ’70s, when a group of high school students known as the Waldos sparked a movement that’s still going strong today. Get the inside scoop on their legendary story and the origins of 420 in our exclusive blog here.

On this legendary day, the global cannabis community comes together in a cloud of camaraderie, championing legalization and celebrating the herb we all love. It’s a vibe filled with unity and the sweet scent of freedom.

JAXON CBD Flower That Is About To Be Grinded

The Ultimate 420 Playlist 

Music is the heartbeat of this party, connecting us all through its universal language of chill. From the soul-soothing reggae beats that echo Bob Marley’s legacy to the transcendental tunes reminiscent of the Grateful Dead, each melody and genre infuses a distinct essence into the rich mosaic of 4/20 culture.

In honor of this legendary occasion and the vibes that bring us together, we’ve whipped up the ultimate 4/20 playlist and JAXON product pairing to take your celebration to the next level.

“Truckin” by The Grateful Dead

Kicking off with a nod to the legends who helped spread the 420 gospel, The Grateful Dead, “Truckin” encapsulates the epic journey of life, with all its highs and lows.”

Dive deeper into the journey by infusing your go-to hemp strain with our NYC Diesel Terpenes. It’s like flipping the switch to beast mode on your senses, cranking up the aroma, flavor, and vibe up to eleven. This terpene blend isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a game-changer, making every session legendary.

“Kaya” by Bob Marley

No 420 playlist is complete without a shoutout to the legendary Bob Marley, the king of chill and the unofficial patron saint of 4/20 vibes. “Kaya,” Marley’s homage to the herb, is the quintessential track for mellowing out. Now, imagine pairing Marley’s smooth melodies and chill beats with our Sour Hawaiian Haze. The first draw pulls you into an aromatic journey, blending wild forests and sun-kissed beaches with Marley’s soulful tunes, guiding you to a blissful state. Each puff intertwines the refreshing zest of citrus and the earthy tones of cedarwood, echoing the natural harmony of Marley’s music. 

“Because I Got High” by Afroman

Afroman’s iconic track, “Because I Got High,” isn’t just a song; it’s a 4/20 lifestyle anthem, perfectly capturing those hilarious, unexpected detours life takes after a puff or two. It’s the ultimate soundtrack for kicking back with our Delta 8-infused flower, turning any day into an adventure of chill vibes. With Delta 8’s unique blend of euphoria, relaxation, and gentle mental uplift, every beat of this classic tune feels like it’s in perfect harmony with the mellow buzz and the grin-inducing surprises along the way. So, let’s light up, lean back, and let Afroman narrate our chill journey, where the vibe is always just right, and life’s twists and turns become part of the fun.

Bubba Kush Delta-8 CBD Flower

“Hits from the Bong” by Cypress Hill

Drop the needle on Cypress Hill’s classic track, “Hits From the Bong“, where those deep, immersive beats sync perfectly with your ultimate 420 vibe. As the room fills with tunes, spark up some Pink Pineapple CBD flower. Just like Cypress Hill says, “Let the Buddha smoke through ya” Let the juicy flavors of Pink Pineapple transport you to a sun-soaked paradise. With dense, lime-green buds crowned with frosty trichomes and an enticing blend of zesty citrus and sweet pineapple scent, it’s a duo that turns every beat and puff into a tropical escape, blending laid-back grooves with an uplifting herbal journey. Whether chilling out or turning up, this pairing delivers the ultimate chill session. So, rally your crew, let Cypress Hill’s rhythms flow, and let Pink Pineapple escalate the moment to legendary heights.

“Electric Feel” by MGMT

Get ready to vibe with MGMT’s “Electric Feel” and let its electrifying energy fuel your 420 session. As the song’s trippy vibes fill the air, light up some Sour Elektra CBD flower and brace yourself for an experience like no other. Imagine the bold aromas of diesel and citrus from Sour Elektra merging seamlessly with the song’s groovy beats, creating an exhilarating and grounded sensory explosion.

Feel the synergy between “Electric Feel” and Sour Elektra with every puff. With each inhale, the slightly sour citrus notes intertwine with the strong diesel finish, echoing the song’s lyrics that transport you to a neon-lit, euphoric state. And as the smooth, expansive smoke of Sour Elektra envelops you, it perfectly complements the song’s funky rhythms and synth-driven ecstasy, propelling your experience to new heights. So get ready for a session filled with curiosity and good vibes, perfect for anyone looking to elevate their 420 celebrations to the next level.

“Sweet Leaf” by Black Sabbath

Rock out to Black Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf” as its heavy, iconic riffs lay down the vibe, a perfect match for our Blue Merengue CBD flower. This track, an anthem to the cannabis experience, melds seamlessly with Blue Merengue’s vibrant flavors—from zesty lemon candy to sweet blueberry layers. It’s a dynamic duo, where the music’s raw energy and the flower’s surprising transitions mirror each other, creating a rich tapestry of sensation.

With each beat and puff, “Sweet Leaf” and Blue Merengue deliver a shared experience of exploration and satisfaction, celebrating the plant’s impact on our senses in the most hip and unforgettable way.

Blue Meringue CBD Flower

“Young, Wild & Free” by Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa ft. Bruno Mars

To wrap up our playlist with a bang, we’re dropping the ultimate feel-good anthem from the modern-day prophets of the good herb, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. “Young, Wild & Free” embodies the spirit of living life to the fullest, embracing love, and savoring the freedom to enjoy cannabis without boundaries. It’s the perfect soundtrack for reflecting on a day well spent and eagerly anticipating many more 420 celebrations.

And what better strain to accompany this epic track than our Delta 8-infused Lemon Octane? With its robust diesel scent, earthy undertones, and a zesty citrus kick, Lemon Octane elevates the vibe of “Young, Wild & Free” to new heights. 

Let the Good Vibes Roll with Our 420 Playlist

Get ready to blaze through the day with JAXON’s killer 420 playlist as your ultimate groove guide. Our CBD and Delta 8 lineup with timeless tunes offers a golden ticket to an elevated experience.

So, crank up your playlist, spark up your favorite JAXON strain, and let the good times flow. Happy 4/20, fam—here’s to riding the wave of dope vibes and great tunes and sharing the moment with your vibe tribe. Enjoyed our 420 playlist? Share the love with friends and invite them to groove with us!

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