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What is CBD Trim?

CBD trim refers to the excess plant material left after processing CBD flower, during hand trimming or machine trimming. People often discard this byproduct, but it still has many uses. Trim is less potent than hemp flower but still contains a significant amount of high-quality CBD. This makes it an economical choice for those seeking CBD benefits.

CBD Trim

What is CBD Shake?

Small, loose buds, leaves, and plant material compose quality CBD shake. This material collects at the bottom of containers or bags holding CBD flowers. While not as visually appealing as intact buds, CBD shake still contains valuable cannabinoids, trichomes and terpenes.

Can You Smoke CBD Trim?

Certainly, smoking trim is a viable choice. While not as strong as CBD-rich flower, it can still offer potential CBD benefits. May people use trim for rolling joints and preparing pre-rolls. With the appropriate skills, one can transform trim into extracts.

The main benefit is that smoking trim can be an economical option. The main drawback is that the smoke can be harsh when using it in a joint, depending on the quality. Users also will want to sift thru any stems or water leaves before smoking it.

Using CBD Shake:

CBD shake demonstrates flexibility. One can smoke or vape it, akin to trim, for a convenient CBD consumption. In addition, individuals use shake to craft edibles, DIY topicals, or extracts. By infusing shake into carrier oils, you can create balms or creams to apply directly to your skin.

Making Extracts from Trim or Shake:

It is possible to extract CBD from both trim and shake. With a substantial CBD content, one can process them using methods like utilizing solvents such as ethanol or CO2. Soaking them in the solvent helps dissolve CBD and other beneficial compounds. After drying, a concentrated CBD extract remains, ideal for creating various hemp products.

Some products produced from concentrates include: Topicals, edibles, tinctures and smokable extracts.

Where to Find CBD Trim and Shake:

If you’re interested in trying trim and shake, you can explore options from trusted sources like We provide high-quality CBD trim and shake. All JAXON products are third-party lab tested. Irrespective of the source you obtain your CBD from, always ensure that it originates from a reputable and reliable supplier.

CBD Trim


CBD trim and shake is a great cost-effective way to enjoy CBD and create therapeutic products. Whether you’re smoking, extracting, or creating your own CBD-infused products, these materials can be valuable tools in your wellness journey. As with any CBD product, make sure to research reputable sources. Consider your desired potency and effects when integrating trim and shake into your routine.

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