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Creative – Effects Terpene Blend – By True Terpenes


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Looking for a creative spark? Dive into JAXON’s Creative Effects Terpene Blend by True Terpenes, designed to turn your CBD moments into bursts of inspiration. This unique blend isn’t just an addition to your smokable CBD flower; it’s the key to unlocking an elevated state of mind where creativity flows as freely as the clouds in the sky. With every inhale, you’re not just enjoying a premium hemp experience—you’re setting the stage for imagination and innovation.

Crafted with the visionary guidance of Dr. Ethan Russo, this terpene 2 ml blend is a cocktail of creativity-enhancing elements. Citronellol waves in with its citrus-infused freshness, sparking new ideas and perspectives. Limonene jumps in to lift your spirits, brighten your mood, and clear the way for positive vibes and creative thoughts. α-Phellandrene adds a touch of mystery with its peppery notes, encouraging you to think outside the box and explore uncharted territories of your mind.

Creativity Unleashed: Ideal for artists, writers, and anyone trying to spark their creativity.

Mood Elevator: Limonene and Cintronellol work together to brighten your outlook, making every creative challenge an exciting adventure.

Aromatic Journey: A blend of earthy, spicy, and citrus aromas that stimulate your senses and enhance your focus.

Expertly Crafted: Developed with the expertise of Dr. Ethan Russo, this product ensures a safe, natural, and effective way to enhance your creativity and overall hemp experience.

JAXON’s Creative Effects Terpene Blend is more than just a terpene blend; it’s a doorway to a more inspired and imaginative you. Whether tackling a creative project or just seeking a new way to enjoy your CBD flower, this blend is your ally in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Let your creativity soar and discover new heights of inspiration with every session.

Aroma & Flavor Profile Of Creative Effects Terpene Blend

Earth An Citrus


Creative Effects Terpene Blend Provides Increased Creativity, Elevated Mood, And Mental Clarity

Storage And Application


Store this product in its original container and securely fasten the lid. Keep it away from heat, open flames, sunlight, combustible materials, and hot surfaces. Maintain its quality by storing it in a cool, dry place to prevent terpene degradation.

Application Of Creative Effects Terpene Blend

We recommend the cotton ball method for application. To learn more about this application process, check out our how to terpene infuse your own flower blog.


Manufactured in GMP-certified facilities using food-grade ingredients, this product exceeds the most rigorous consumer safety standards. True Terpenes, triple-distilled, stand as the cleanest terpenes in the world. You can find detailed information about True Terpenes’ manufacturing practices and certifications on their website.


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