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Sour Lifter – CBD Flower

(9 customer reviews)


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Harvest Year – 2023 Sour Lifter CBD Flower

  • 17.4% CBD
  • Top 3 Terps – Caryophyllene, Humulene, and Myrcene
  • Benefits – May have uplifting properties, may boost creativity, may clear your mind, and may alleviate pain.
  • Contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC
  • Third-party tested by a certified lab
  • Sun-Grown in Southern Oregon
  • Photos Last Updated On February 8th, 2023

Ready for a lift with a sour kick? Sour Lifter brings it with its lime-green, trichome-drenched glory. Dive into an aroma that’s a funky fusion of earth, musk, grapefruit, and hops, creating a sensory experience akin to sipping a juicy, hazy IPA. The smoke? It’s a playful whirl of smooth, spicy, and hoppy notes wrapped in a citrus embrace. Sour Lifter, always Farm Bill-friendly, lifts your spirits, fuels creativity, and makes every social scene a bit more giggly.

Is Sour Lifter Indica or Sativa?

Sour Lifter is a Sativa-dominant hybrid.

Sour Lifter CBD Effects

With Caryophyllene offering a hint of peppery calm, Humulene adding a touch of earthy relaxation, and Myrcene bringing a mellow vibe, this strain, along with CBD, subtly shifts your mood towards a relaxed yet alert state, perfect for creative endeavors or socializing.

Is Sour Lifter a Day or Night Strain?

Great for daytime use, but also great for social gatherings in the evening.


Lean, green, and everything in between, Sour Lifter buds stand out with a vibrant lime green hue, accented by amber pistils and a glossy trichome coat.

How Does Sour Lifter CBD Smell?

Take a whiff of something special: robust, earthy, and musky notes colliding with the lively zing of grapefruit and the boldness of hops, echoing a top-shelf IPA.

Flavor Journey & Mouthfeel

Experience a smooth smoke, carrying a spicy kick with a hoppy backbone while teasing your taste buds with a subtle citrus twist.


Brace yourself for ‘Sour Lifter,’ where the lift is all about mood elevation, not getting high. Enjoy its uplifting vibes without soaring to the clouds. Spark up and experience what genuine, non-intoxicating, nicotine-free relaxation is about!

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9 reviews for Sour Lifter – CBD Flower

  1. Shaun Keiser

    Very tasty! Smells hits you as soon as you open the bag, very yummy! Looks and smells amazing, big frosty nugs! Effects were nice and uplifting, definitely put me in a good mood and did some cleaning! Highly recommend!

  2. Dawn Smith

    Some of the gaseous medicine we’ve had in a long time it is so good we smashed it into that great rise and oil and dab away

  3. James N

    Sour Lifter. Wow amazing strain! A nice relaxing mood after smoking this one! I mainly use cbd for pains & this strain is absolute home run! Great flavor & aroma. 10/10 recommend! If you’re looking for a sign to get some of this, well this is it! You won’t be disappointed!

  4. Heather Thornton

    Wow This Sour Lifter is pretty awesome! Woodsy and pepper.. I definitely recommend to use it before lunchtime or evening after dinner. (Good anytime) It’s uplifting and good for concentration or focus. Great for any anxiety or pain! Smooth taste. This is definitely a favorite flower of mine from now on! Eat a snack beforehand or you may get some munchies! Jaxon has some quality products! Thanks so much! Give this strain a try! Get Lifted!😊💚

  5. Connor Johnson

    Great quality and good family always the best

  6. Cortney C ✨

    I have utilized hemp flower for many things I deal with medically, and this is some of the best I have tried – and I have consumed a lot over the last 15 years! I decided to use this before I went to bed, as my nighttime routine is critical to the next day. I didn’t feel as heavy as I tend to when I wake up after my normal medicating before bed (thc) routine, and I am grateful for that. The buds look, smell, and feel perfect and they are meticulously trimmed to match the aesthetic I enjoy when it comes to flower! The packaging is simple and comes with a lot of information including: testing dates, harvest date, percentages, etc… – along with a paper for the mail service in case of interception. This alone is wonderful given anyone could be confused by the look of it! Fully enjoying the Jaxon experience.

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    More fire from some of the best vendors in the Biz. Check out my review for Sour Lifter and many others on Cloud Chaser cbd reviews YouTube and grab up my discount code ✌️ Link 👇

  8. Henry Smith

    Got a sample of this in my last order and immediately purchase some. My favorite bud at he moment.

  9. Janie_Jane420

    Love it! Great aroma, nicely balanced! Motivating and calming 10/10 recommend

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