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Suver Haze – CBD Flower

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Harvest Year – 2023 Suver Haze CBD Flower

  • 18% CBD
  • Top 3 Terpenes – Myrcene, Beta-caryophyllene, and Pinene
  • Contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC
  • Third-party tested by a certified lab
  • Sun Grown in Southern Oregon
  • Photographed on November 14th, 2023

Dive into the realm of Suver Haze CBD flower, where each nug is a mini-forest of dark green hues adorned with striking amber pistils and a crystalline coating of trichomes. Breathing in its essence, you embark on an olfactory adventure through the wilderness, with paths lined by floral fragrances, bursts of citrus zest, and a rich tapestry of spice, wood, and the essence of the untamed outdoors.
It’s more than just the potent aroma; it’s about how it resonates within, leaving you energized, uplifted, and deeply connected to yourself and the natural world.

If you’re chasing that perfect balance of elevation and relaxation, Suver Haze is your strain.

Is Suver Haze Indica or Sativa?

Suver Haze is a Sativa-dominant strain.

Is Suver Haze a Day or Night Strain?

Great for daytime use, but also great for social gatherings in the evening.

How do Suver Haze CBD Buds Look?

This strain is lime green, adorned with long amber pistils and glistening frosty trichomes.

How Does Suver Haze CBD Smell?

Suver Haze CBD flower has a floral and citrus aroma with undertones of spice, wood, and earthy notes.

What Does Suver Haze CBD Taste Like?

Suver Haze boasts a citrusy flavor profile, complemented by an earthy and herbal finish. It’s celebrated for its smooth and gentle smoke.

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2 reviews for Suver Haze – CBD Flower

  1. Jennifer Beck

    Yummy and it really works!!! I have been struggling with insomnia for 10 years. Pills made me a zombie and most of the other cbd products out there don’t work for me. Thank God for Jaxon CBD

  2. James Dees

    Worked Very Well – Thank You !

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