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Trap Natural – Premium Rolling Papers – King Size


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Why should you try Trap Natural Premium Rolling Papers King Size?

Trap Natural premium rolling papers are the perfect companion for all your rolling needs. The king size pack includes 32 premium rolling papers with tips enclosed in our uniquely designed packing complete with rolling tray and magnetic closure.

Trap Natural Premium King Size Rolling Papers are Plant Based and 100% Unbleached Hemp. The adhesive is Pure Arabic Gum which is a Vegan alternative to other adhesives that contain animal byproducts. This pack is easily stored in your purse, pocket, wallet or even your stash spot.



The Joint

Even though smoking a joint might appear to be the iconic way to enjoy cannabis. It’s actually a relatively new practice that originated around 1850 in Guadalajara, Mexico. Partly due to its simplicity and portability, this method quickly spread all over the world. Trap Natural king size premium rolling papers  provide you with the experience you are looking to get when rolling your own joints.

What To Look For In Rolling Paper

Rolling papers should burn slowly and evenly to provide a smooth, lasting smoke with as little ash as possible. Thinner papers are preferred by pros.  They promise a slower burn and won’t hinder the full taste of flowers rolled within. Thinner paper means less smoke from the paper.

The material of the paper also plays a part in the smoking experience. Hemp, flax, rice, and wood pulp are some of the materials used for rolling papers. Some burn slower, some are thinner, and some are easier to roll.

Rolling papers come in different sizes that cater to smoking habits. The regular 1.25 size is good for one to three joints while the largest standard king size is enough for four to five smokers. Heavy smokers often choose the king size to get the most out of one single joint while the regular size suits those who savor just a few puffs now and then.


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