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What Are The Best Hemp Flower Strains?

We get this question all the time here at JAXON Hemp. The truth is, it depends on the result you are wanting out of smoking hemp flower! If you want to shop our Southern Oregon hemp strains, visit our online store. Rather than impose our opinion on you, we’ll rank them starting with the most popular and explain the benefits of each strain. Here we go:
Bubba Kush – Bubba Kush hemp flower is an extremely popular CBD strain, and for good reason. Bubba Kush is notorious for relaxing your mind and body in any situation. Commonly used to chill out after a long day, this indica-dominant hybrid has large, dense, dark green buds that carry a strong nose of dark pine, bright citrus and kush. To buy JAXON Bubba Kush, click here.

CBG White – Commonly used as an anti-inflammatory, for relaxation or as a sleep aid, CBG White is at the top of charts for hemp strains. Widely considered the “mother of all”, CBG White is a non-psychoactive strain so you won’t get ‘high’ from smoking it. These frosty buds come with a unique mountain pine, warm earth and sweet citrus nose. To buy JAXON CBG White, click here.

Hawaiian Haze – Arguably the ultimate social strain of hemp flower there is, Hawaiian Haze is the tropical vacation of hemp. Commonly used for pain and stress relief, to relax or socialize, Hawaiian Haze hemp flower boasts a nose featuring aromas of pineapples, mangos and earth pine notes. To buy JAXON Hawaiian Haze, click here.

Sour Space Candy – This sativa-dominant hybrid boasts dominant terpenes that include Myrcene, Pinene, Humulene and Bisabolol. Used most commonly for stress relief, pain relief and to alleviate some anxiety, Sour Space Candy presents aromas of candied apple, black cherry, tropical fruits and a mellow citrus. To buy JAXON Sour Space Candy, click here.

Lifter – Known for quite literally what this strain is named, Lifter hemp flower is the ultimate hemp flower for an uplifting and energizing effect. This strain is truly the all-around strain and finds itself being used anywhere from days on the river to days around the house. To buy JAXON Lifter, click here.

In no way should these statements be taken as medical advice. They are intended to entertain and inform. Personal health matters should always be discussed with a medical professional.

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