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The 2021 CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide

As the calendar rolls into 2021 and CBD flower becomes even more popular, many questions still remain and we’re here to provide you a CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide! As CBD industry experts, we thought we’d tell you everything you need to know about CBD, the benefits of CBD and how you can buy it from a safe and trustworthy source! We’ll cover the following topics in this article:

Can You Smoke CBD Flower?

Yes! Most CBD flower is cultivated specifically for smoking. Though not cannabis, CBD flower is structured and smokes the same as cannabis flower does. CBD flower is rich with phytocannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, vitamins, and other nutrients and gives you that soothing feeling without actually getting you ‘high’. CBD flower comes in plenty of unique strains, each of which have very unique smells, tastes and vary in effectiveness and desired result. 

In general, CBD flower is smoked as opposed to other methods because that offers the quickest access to the rich abundance of CBD in the flower. Other cannabinoids can also be found in the buds including CBG, CBN and CBC to name a few. It is said there are over 100 unique cannabinoids that reside in CBD flower.

Will CBD Flower Get You High?

No. CBD flower should be delta-9 compliant flower, meaning it has a THC content of 0.03% or less. CBD flower will give you all the benefits of cannabis without actually getting you “high”. Here at JAXON, all of the CBD flower that we grow, source and sell is delta-9 compliant. That brings up a good point. Since this is the official 2021 CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide we should mention that true delta-9 compliant flower is federally legal now, thanks to the Farm Bill that was passed back in 2018, but be aware. Even with that being said, make sure you know your source before purchasing hemp.

Here is some more information on that:

All of JAXON’s CBD flower strains are delta-9 strains and come with an official COA (Certificate of Analysis), each clearly stating the test results of each of our strains. These tests measure the levels of CBD content, THC content, total terpene concentration and many other data points. If your source can’t provide a COA on the flower they are selling, don’t buy it!

The Benefits Of CBD Flower

With CBD flower, comes a wide range of benefits from reducing anxiety to helping you fall asleep at night. In general, the first couple benefits of CBD flower are:

Furthermore, different strains of CBD flower are known for different desired effects. For example if you are headed out on the golf course or to a social event, bringing some Hawaiian Haze or Sour Lifter along will turn up the vibes. At the end of the day, you might enjoy some Sour Space Candy to take advantage of that feeling of ease it offers as you close out your stressful day.

In short, each strain brings its own desired effects to the table. So, which strain is right for you? That brings us to our next section! 

What Are The Best CBD Strains For You?

Since we here at JAXON Hemp Co. are a premium CBD flower brand located in the heart of hemp country, you guessed it… Southern Oregon, we have access to the best strains on the planet. Whether you want relief, relaxation or rejuvenation, we have a strain for you and we’ll help you decide on which one you need! Here we go:

Sour Lifter CBD Flower 


We started this list off with a bang! Our NEW Sour Lifter has gorgeously dense, dark green buds, with purple hues, and tinges of red. Get your magnifying glass out because these resinous buds are coated with sticky gooey trichomes – the flavor centers where all the good stuff is.

What it’s best for: Daytime use, and social gatherings and has the potential to boost your mood:

Buy Sour Lifter CBD Flower Online HERE

Sour Special Sauce CBD Flower

One word comes to mind: HAPPY. If you want a mood boosting strain that gives you an overall sense of calm, Sour Special Sauce is your ticket. This strain has a nose that is next to none and will put a smile on your face. Close your eyes and let the fragrances of lemon sorbet and sweet berries hit your senses. The benefits of this hybrid flower may include anxiety relief, mood enhancement, and muscle relaxation.

What it’s best for: It may provide anxiety relief, boosted mood and muscle relaxation

Buy Sour Special Sauce CBD Flower Online HERE

Sour Suver Haze CBD Flower

Sour Suver Haze just might be the most fragrant of the new sour strains from Oregon CBD. The terpy nose is packed with notes of sweet fruit and black pepper. Speaking of terpenes, Sour Suver Haze’s profile is dominated by Terpinolene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene. Users have reported this combination promotes relaxation, melts away anxiety, reduces inflammation, and relieves pain. Good for daytime or nighttime, you can’t go wrong with this strain!

What it’s best for: It may reduce anxiety, inflammation, and pain, while leading to deeper relaxation.

Buy Sour Suver Haze CBD Flower Online HERE

Super Sour Space Candy CBD Flower

We can’t think of a juicier strain than the new Super Sour Space Candy. The nose bursts with deliciously sour lemon zest and sweet candy. There are so many trichomes that you’ll want to display these lovely green buds in a candy jar! Suitable for daytime or nighttime use, Super Sour Space Candy may provide feelings of ease and may help you relax after a long day. Exhale slowly and blast off into (super) sweet blissful calm. This incredible hybrid sour strain was grown in limited quantities and won’t last long. Treat yo’self today!

What it’s best for: Relaxation, calming of the mind

Buy Super Sour Space Candy CBD Flower Online HERE


How To Buy CBD Flower

Simple steps to the CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide. When it comes to how you can buy CBD flower, there are three ways of doing that:

1. The easiest way that gives you by far the most options is buying online from our store. We have a massive range of CBD flower strains and offer FREE SHIPPING directly from our website, to your doorstep! Visit our store HERE

2. Go to your local dispensary and ask them for their JAXON CBD flower strains. If they don’t have them, tell them they need to carry them and can call us at 541-414-2373 to place their first order!

3. If you are looking for bulk quantities of CBD flower, we have a dedicated wholesale team to get you exactly what you’re looking for, at a bulk pricing break. You can visit our wholesale page, or call us any time at 541-414-2373

JAXON Hemp Co. is a premium hemp and CBD product brand located in Southern Oregon, the hemp capital of the world. JAXON sells hemp and CBD products both on our website and wholesale to bulk buyers, distributors, dispensaries and stores. To contact JAXON about wholesale pricing please call us at 541-414-2373.

In no way should these statements be taken as medical advice. They are intended to entertain and inform. Personal health matters should always be discussed with a medical professional.

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