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Alright, fam, it’s that time of year again—4/20’s on the horizon, and whether you’re all about that CBD life or like to mix a bit of THC into the equation, we’re here to crank it up with tips and tricks from our 420 guide to making this to make this 420 one for the books! From mango-infused pre-games to the tastiest ways to combat cottonmouth, here are the hacks you didn’t know you needed until now.

Mango Madness Before the Main Event

Munching on a ripe mango about an hour before party time is more strategic than you’d think. Why? Well, these juicy bad boys are loaded with Myrcene. Back in the day, we were all scratching our heads, wondering why a simple mango could turbocharge the vibe. But now, thanks to science, we’ve cracked the code. Myrcene gives your body’s cells a little pep talk, helping them welcome cannabinoids like old neighborhood friends. This means everything hits smoother and quicker, dialing up the intensity whether you’re into CBD or THC. It’s like unlocking a secret level where everything feels just a bit more epic.

Slay the Cottonmouth Dragon   

We’ve all been there—mid-sesh, mouth drier than a desert. Old wisdom says to hydrate, but our 420 guide says, why not make it fun? Sour candies to the rescue! Not only do they kick saliva production into overdrive, but they also add a little zesty flavor to your day. Plus, it’s kinda fun watching your friends’ faces pucker up, right? 

420 Guide

Honey, I Sweetened the Smoke

Ever struggle with a wrap that just won’t stick? Here’s a sweet little secret: running honey along the edge of your wrap makes for a seal so tight that even secrets can’t escape. Plus, it adds a smooth, sweet vibe to every hit. 

Beats That Set the Scene

Music and 4/20 are like two peas in a pod; believe it or not, the songs you jam to can tweak your vibe. That’s right—there’s research out there that points to music having the power to sway your mood and even alter how you ride the waves of CBD or THC. Crafting that flawless playlist isn’t just about setting the mood but tailoring your whole 4/20 experience. Picture it as laying down the tracks for your very own blockbuster day.

One intriguing study, titled “Topographic EEG changes accompanying cannabis-induced alteration of music perception—Cannabis as a hearing aid?” explores how cannabis can amplify auditory perception, essentially tuning your brain into music on a deeper level ( This research dives into how the cannabis experience can be significantly influenced by what we listen to, suggesting a unique interplay between our sensory perception and cannabinoids.

Whether you’re chilling out with CBD’s calming vibes or surfing the euphoric swells of THC, the soundtrack you choose plays a starring role in your 4/20 narrative. So why not make it epic? Dive into our 420 playlist for some inspiration and let the good times roll, backed by science.

Fun Fact: Did you know Bob Marley’s ‘Kaya’ album was practically a love letter to cannabis? There’s your playlist starter!

Ice, Ice, Baby (For That Smooth Hit)

Icing your bong isn’t just for the cool kids; it’s the OG move that turns your hits into frosty adventures. This age-old method does wonders by cooling down the smoke, which makes each hit smoother and easier on your lungs. Here’s why incorporating ice is a game-changer:

So, next time you light up, remember this cool hack from our 420 guide and treat your lungs to something nICE.

Rollin’ With Nature

No papers? No problem. Try rose petals or corn husks. These eco-friendly alternatives not only introduce an intriguing twist to your sessions but also promise to ignite lively conversations.

 Just imagine passing a rose petal joint. Sounds like something out of a stoner fairy tale, right? 

CBD: The Chill Pill After The Thrill

Alright, story time: You know those times when you’ve soared a bit too high, touching the stars with THC? That’s where CBD comes in. It’s like the chill superhero that swoops in, slowing things down just enough so you can enjoy the scenery on your way back to planet Chill. But how does CBD work its magic? Well, it’s all about balance. 

THC affects your body primarily through the Endocannabinoid System, but CBD interacts with it in a way that can counteract THC’s effects. Think of THC and CBD as two sides of a coin; where THC cranks up the volume, CBD turns it down to the perfect level. It helps mellow out the buzz, reducing things like anxiety and paranoia that can sometimes hitch a ride with THC. It’s like having a knowledgeable guide on your space journey, ensuring that while you explore the cosmos, you won’t get lost in it. Starting your day with CBD doesn’t just set a relaxed tone; it’s your safety line for those times when THC takes you a little too far out into the galaxy.

Whoop, There It Is

So, there you have it—the JAXON 420 guide to rocking 4/20. Whether you’re on team CBD, team THC, or play on both sides, these hacks are all about making your 4/20 as epic as possible. If our 420 guide has sparked your interest, we encourage you to spread the vibe and share it with your circle. Let’s make this 420 one to remember, guided by our collective insights and experiences. Remember, it’s all about creating those perfect, chill vibes together.

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