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JAXON here, and we’re excited to showcase our Flower of the Month: Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower. What are the benefits of Hawaiian Haze? This Sativa-dominant CBD flower is the perfect way to bring the tropics to your doorstep and to leave your worries behind. Imagine yourself relaxing on a sandy beach, sipping on a fruity drink with the sun setting in the distance – that’s the feeling you get when you take a pull of Hawaiian Haze. It’s like a mini-vacation packed inside a bud!  

What Does Hawaiian Haze Nugs Look Like? 

Let’s talk about this flower’s appearance because, let’s be honest, we eat with our eyes first, and the same goes for smoking. The buds on Hawaiian Haze are like a ticket to paradise; thick, sticky, and caked with frosty trichomes.  

These buds have got it all! They’re army green in color with hot orange pistils and a scent that’s a cross between a gas station and a tropical fruit forest. Think pineapple, mango, diesel, pine, and just a hint of fresh earth. Expect a sweet and smooth smoke that floods your palate with fresh fruit and pine flavors. It’s like getting hit with a tropical breeze!  

Hawaiian Haze nugs on a JAXON bag

One of the coolest things about the benefits of Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower is how versatile it is – perfect for pretty much any occasion! Imagine you and your buds chillin’, watching an old flick, and having some of that sweet Hawaiian Haze. You get that yummy smell of pineapple and mango mixed with diesel and pine in the air and that tropical flavor swirlin’ around your taste buds.  

It’s the ultimate chill sesh, taking you back to simpler times. 

But Hawaiian Haze isn’t just for Netflix and chill; it’s also the perfect flower for a night out with friends. With its euphoric effects, you’ll be the life of the party. Imagine yourself grooving to the music, your worries left behind, and just living in the moment. It’s the ultimate social lubricant. And the best part? No hangovers the next day, just happy memories and an adventurous spirit. 

Top 4 Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower Terpenes:

Now, let’s break down this bud’s top terpenes: 


Myrcene relieves stress and anxiety, making it ideal for unwinding after a long day.  


Terpinolene packs an energizing punch, making it perfect for a mid-day lift or a pre-workout boost.  


Guaiol is known for its pain-relieving properties, so if you’ve got nagging aches that won’t seem to go away, Hawaiian Haze with Guaiol will be your best friend.  


Pinene is vital in memory retention, alertness, and overall mental clarity.

To learn more about how terpenes can be beneficial, click here.  

If you want a quick getaway, this tropical escape won’t break the bank or make you travel far. Instead, its energetic-yet-chill nature will elevate any social gathering, and its unbeatable terpene profile will leave you feeling mentally and physically great. Try some Hawaiian Haze today and experience the ultimate tropical escape. Mahalo! 

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